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Youtube Videos on Your Mac

If you are a Mac user, you probably know how difficult it is to find the right software for different tasks on your computer. Most of the software is created for compatibility with the Windows system, but now there is the YouTube converter Mac software that you can use on your system.

youtube converter for mac

YouTube is a wonderful video sharing website, where there are millions of videos available. Of course, not all the videos are informational, educational or fun enough, but when you come across a very interesting video you would want to save it to your computer. By using the YouTube video converter Mac you can download and share just about any video that you want not only from YouTube but all the other video sharing sites out there. You can save time efficiently with this application, because it allows you to save videos in batch. This means, that you can start downloading as many as 5 videos at one time, and there will be a progress bar showing you how much time is left for each video.

youtube converter mac

The YouTube converter for Mac does also record the history of the downloaded videos. This means that you can easily avoid duplicates, and this is a very helpful feature especially if you store several hundreds of videos on your system. The software is not a download-only program, but it will allow you to convert videos to the right format so that you can watch & share them on your iPod Touch, iPhone or Apple TV.

youtube video converter mac

Then, with the help of the special Library, you will be able to organize all your videos according to categories, and you can even use the rating system that is available. If you want a super efficient download & converting software, you should definitely choose the one provided by Wondershare!

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